"Hal" is a goddamn masterpiece!

I just finished the movie "Hal" and wow...just wow. This has easily become my new favorite movie! The story centers around a girl who is grieving the loss of her childhood friend Hal who recently died in a plane crash. The other main character is a robot who has been made to look almost exactly like the late Hal. Hal… » 8/20/14 2:02am Wednesday 2:02am

Campagnolo Parts are highway robbery!

I just ordered a replacement Clamps for my Campagnlo shifters after I stripped mine out. Guess how much one of those bolts cost from campy! $25! On the other hand I found a company in China that makes bootleg ones except in titanium for $8 a clamp. So I ordered two and with shipping it comes out to $22. So if they're… » 8/16/14 2:15pm 8/16/14 2:15pm

Fuck the American medical system!

My stupid insurance won't pay for jackshit! My ADHD medicine? $270. The cream my dermatologist perscribed for my acne? $390! I can't afford that shit! If I'm paying for medical insurance I shouldn't have to be paying $390 for a tube of cream! I hope you guys up in canada have room for one more! » 8/15/14 5:39pm 8/15/14 5:39pm